Our Story

We believe health and fitness can be a great part of your social life.

That’s why at our classes and events we create an atmosphere where you can try the latest activities; from Barre to Power Yoga, Muay Thai to meditation, and feel completely at home.

Health and fitness activities have the potential to create memories and be the conduit to a great night out with your friends, and with some of London’s most talented and sociable yogis, personal trainers and dancers in our team, we’re making it happen.


Whichever WeTRAIN event or class you choose to attend, there are a couple of things you can be sure of.

Firstly, we believe in small group training where everyone, whatever their level, comes away feeling like they’ve achieved something.

And secondly, the sure fire way to make a healthy habit last is by making it fun. Our hosts are handpicked for their social as well as professional skills, which makes our classes and events a great social environment to enjoy exercise in.

We started WeTRAIN because we wanted to make health and fitness accessible to everyone.

There are some pretty crazy statistics out there. For example, currently only 32% of adults in the UK exercise each week. But going to the pub, ordering a pizza and heading to the cinema are all easy to do with your friends, yet health and fitness seems to be different.

Consider what’s out there; signing up to 12 months of direct debit payments with a gym can be a big commitment, and although value gyms are super cheap, they don’t always have the feeling of being safe and welcome that you want from your free-time.

There are fitness ‘pass’ subscriptions that get you into a selection of gyms and studios, but with a load of rules and restrictions that can be a bit confusing, not to mention frustrating if you’re looking to build a regular habit.

On a wet Wednesday in November, not everyone feels motivated to join a big bootcamp (where you’re just a number, and a cold one at that) and 1–1 personal training is pretty unaffordable for most of us.

We set out to offer something very different: social exercise.

Our regular WePLAY classes include a selection of yoga, dance and personal training for small groups at convenient locations. We put the individual in control, letting everyone select what pace they want to train at; a great place to catch up with friends or make new ones.

With WeEXPERIENCE, we take the hassle out of organising a special event chocked full of healthy, enriching experiences. We work with London’s very best health, fitness and wellness professionals to design the event, and hand it over to them to make sure everyone has an amazing, memorable time.

With our HQ in London, our team can be found running around trying new classes and attending events each week. We’re always up for meeting new people or trying out new exercises; drop a line to hello@wetrain.com and let us know what’s up!