Our Hosts

A great host ensures that from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, you feel at home.

That’s why we select our hosts so that when you meet them you feel as though you’re learning from a real expert, but also from someone who’s on your level and can bring the good vibrations.

We’re proud to partner with the best yogis, personal trainers, dancers and martial artists to design and deliver sessions the wetrain way.

And by supporting hosts with venues, marketing, and technology, they have the potential to earn double what they would teaching a regular studio class in London.


All our hosts are well qualified in their particular discipline (and often several more) and audition to join our community.


We work with hosts to help them design awesome sessions, influenced by their own training and the latest trends distilled from working at London’s top studios. 


Our hosts are one of the group, and selected for their social skills as much as their knowledge of health and fitness. 

Featured Hosts

helping us get our weekly fitness fix

Barre BabeHillary
Resident barre babe who swears more than the gangster rap that’s played at her sessions.
Love is keyClaire
A legit doctor who’s spreading the wonderful way of yoga (and a whole lotta love).
Bearded bad-ass who regularly leaves us crawling back to the office after a dose of Primal Workout.

Featured Super Hosts

our very best hosts combine trends from health, fitness and nutrition at special WeEXPERIENCE events

Kim Hartwell
Kim is our resident HIIT expert and one of our go-to people for the latest work out trends.

Keep your eyes peeled for a special Two-Toned WeEXPERIENCE session coming very soon.