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Here at WeTRAIN when things get a little bit too much there are two things we can always rely on for the ultimate chill out; a good stretch to loosen the joints and a nice warming cup of Rosy lee. On 25th February we’ll be doing just that we’ll be treating ourselves to an awesome session with one of the UK’s top Pilates instructors Nikki Urwin, followed by an expert Tea tasting with London School of Tea. If you fancy joining us then check out the event page.

To whet your appetite here’s a few things you might not have known your humble cup of tea. Tips from our expert on the ground Lucy Chappell from the London School of Tea. Lucy is a judge for the great taste awards, a writer for ‘The Taster Magazine’ and the only qualified tea plantation manager in the UK. So I say listen up!





  1. Tea is the second largest beverage consumed in the world only after water!
  2. All tea is from the same plant.
  3. Infusions are not tea


Tips for brewing:

Always use freshly drawn water

Never boil the kettle

Always best to use whole leaf tea

Brew green tea for 2 minutes only

Never squeeze or stir your teabag

Check out the event page.