Guest Post by Emily Cohen.

To sweat, stretch and smile…all at the same time!

Ever felt like this? If the answer is no…it is time to the listen to the music, focus on the body and connect with the breath in a dynamic yoga flow.


Take just 1 hour this week to visit your local yoga studio or gym and join some fellow yogi’s and yogini’s on the mat.

I can assure you after 60 minutes you will have never of felt so good. You will have given your body the love it deserves and strengthened and stretched every single muscle. You will have balanced the body inside and out, stimulated your digestive system and kick started your lymphatic system to ultimately detoxify, and boost your immunity. Your skin will glow, you will feel energised, balanced, and light, your mind clear, positive and calm and your entire self will have entered a realm of relaxation.

For 60 minutes you will flow, stretch and sweat to strengthen, lean and tone…you will have that bod you dreamed off in no time!

Now if that all doesn’t leave you with a beaming smile across your face, I don’t know what will!
Its time to flow….see you all on your mat!

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