Breaking down barriers..

That’s Ruqsana’s business-as-usual. Whether it’s challenging her conservative upbringing and rising to the very top of female sport, or pioneering the development of a sports hijab and taking it to market, Ruqsana puts ambition ahead of convention. We love it.


2017 is set to be big for Ruqsana. The main thing is the not so small task of defending her world title, but she’s also finding time to feature in publications like Shirzanan, pushing for female muslims to be more visible an powerful in sports media.

Gnarly. We’ve been fortunate enough to join Ruqsana for a workout or two last year, and we’ve decided that it has everything we could ask for in a WeEXPERIENCE. Learning something new, getting your sweat on, and to keep things social we’ve arranged for a special brunch next door at The Larder where we’ll catch up with Ruqsana and other like minded people over a coffee and some serious refuelling.

Early bird tickets are sold out, but we’ve got a couple left and would love you to join us!