Disclaimer: we love our industry. Sorry to get soppy on you all but we’ve had an amazing year getting to know tonnes of fantastic, positive people and we thought it’d be worth showing some love to a few that we think are going to kill it in 2017.

Shakira Akabusi


Shakira is leading the way when it comes to getting into great shape after having a baby. Juggling a little one, modern life and training hard isn’t easy but Shakira shows how much you can accomplish by being savvy with your approach.


We’re very much looking forward to her WeEXPERIENCE next year; a morning where we’ll  learn all the ways you can get in great shape at home (without schlepping to the gym) and she’ll be on hand to answer any training questions mums and mums-to-be might have. Follow her movements on instagram.

Emma Gabriel


Emma is proof that yoga makes you strong. We’ve been loving her Hardcore OM classes and are delighted to say Emma will be mixing her love for raw nutrition and sweaty yoga into a very special Raw Yoga Brunch. These sell out, so don’t sleep!


She writes inspiring stuff over at her blog Green Juice on the Rocks and we predict big things for Emma next year (and her dog Frankie who is just too much.)

Hillary Cannon

One potential downside to the surge in popularity in ‘wellness’ is that there is some advice out there that’s not worth listening to. There’s plenty of ‘woo woo’ in wellness. But Hillary is the queen of cutting through the bullshit.


When it’s happy hour at the barre, you want Hillary calling the shots. And her philosophy of ‘Kindness and a healthy dose of smart-assery’ is fine by us. We’re going to be bringing you a triple-threat of barre, bubbles and nutrition with Hillary very soon – sign up to our mailing list to avoid missing out.