Since we kicked off back in November with our Two Toned Warehouse HIIT WeExperience preview we’ve been hearing the cries from the WeTRAIN community for any snippets of info about what’s to come in 2017. Well my friends, Christmas has come early…

As if you didn’t already know, WeExperience is all about fun, healthy and inspiring events hosted by leaders in London’s health and fitness scene. We’re ridiculously excited to release 3 new experiences for January with 3 brilliant super hosts as well as a sneak peak at what’s in the pipeline.


3 things on the way:

  1. A triple threat of barre/nutrition/mindfulness with one of our favourite hosts…
  2.  Warehouse workout will be back with a bang at 2 new locations
  3.  The chillest, most uplifting yoga session we’ve done yet

3 things you can book RIGHT NOW 

  1. Nikki Urwin’s Horse riding/Tea tasting/Pilates bonanza
  2. World Champ Ruqsana’s Kickbox masterclass & inspirational brunch
  3. Triple Jump Challenge with GB athlete Julien

Head to for more

More experiences released by the day. Stay tuned. Stay classy.