2016 saw lots of crazy shit go down.

And when crazy shit goes down it’s worth having a long hard look at things, keeping your ears to the street and doing your best to understand how to make things better.


For us, that means getting under the surface of the health and fitness industry and refining our understanding of what makes it tick. The first port of call was our community of over 3 thousand people who we surveyed, called and chatted to in person at our sessions.


Building a picture of people’s preferences gave us a few bits of insight we weren’t entirely expecting.


To the first question above 80% of people picked more than one answer. That we expected; variety is the spice of life and the benefits of exercise are rich and varied. There were a couple of things we weren’t expecting however.

Given the surge in popularity of the boutique fitness studios and given how poor the British weather can be, we thought that training outdoors wouldn’t get much of a look in, particularly as we’d asked people in November.

It turned out that 85% of people were well up for it! This insight does square with the surge in running clubs and outdoor fitness communities like Midnight Runners, Tribe and Project Awesome so perhaps it’s not bonkers after all.


So, at this point in our research, ‘working out’ in 2017 is going to mean getting into the great outdoors, even if it’s freezing! It’s going to mean approaching fitness as a means to boost wellbeing which, as people search for more authentic experiences in the leisure time, will manifest itself in more and more social exercise classes and tribes.


We also predict fitness will continue to become more of a party.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, check out one of our WeEXPERIENCE sessions we enjoyed last month; a warehouse workout with Kim and Tara. Lots of you have been asking about when our next event will be and as above, we’ll have some new for you all v soon….