Saturday morning and you wake feeling a little fuzzy headed. You reach for a glass of

water to find it’s empty as last night escapades come rushing back. One too many drinks at

the pub, a cringe chat with colleagues, you don’t event want to think about how much cash

you dropped on rounds. The drunken paranoia kicks in. It’s already half eleven and you’ve

only got a couple of hours to recover before round two.


Welcome to the average weekend of London’s young professionals.

Yet, evidence is increasingly suggesting that people want something more, much

more. Cutting edge, memorable and fulfilling experiences, with an opportunity to

try something different.


Well we’re here to make it easy. The creators of WeTrain are proud to bring you

WeExperience, unforgettable, healthy events designed for small group to reclaim

your weekend.


Saturday November 19 th , marks the first opportunity to spice up your Saturday.

Join world champ kickboxer Ruqsana Begum for a master class at her very own

gym in Bethnal Green, followed by a badass brunch at a nearby top restaurant to

reward your efforts.



Ruqsana’s story is particularly inspiring. Training in secret during the early days,

Ruqsana was afraid to tell her family of traditional Muslim Bangladesh

background of her talents, afraid that they might not approve of such a male

dominated sport. Yet, against the odds, Ruqsana has continually pushed

boundaries. Now, crowned current British & European Kickboxing & Muay Thai

Champion, Ruqsana knows first hand the importance of refusing to succumb to

stereotypes and cultural boundaries, placing her sport and determination above



Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, or trying to shape up, you’ll find out how sheer

drive and determination can take you to the top and you’ll be pushed physically

whilst being inspired mentally.


After a beasting in the gym, be ready to brunch at a nearby secret location. We

can assure you that there will be #yolkporn in abundance.

Undoubtedly, this is an enriching experience, which will leave you teaming with

motivation and inspiration for the upcoming week. Now if that doesn’t entice you

more than a sore groggy head, we don’t know what will.


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