Guest Post by Mindful Chef.

To get the most out of your training you really need to think about what you are eating before and after exercise. What you eat before training is very important as it helps boost your energy levels and aids recovery both during and after exercise. Post exercise nutrition will help your body recover and encourage the maintenance and/or growth of lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle you have the better you will look and feel.

How well your body recovers will depend on eating the right types of food and the quality of food you are eating. The more nutrient dense the meals the more vitamins and minerals you provide your body. This will help your body perform all of the necessary functions it needs to following exercise such as preventing the breakdown of muscle, encouraging protein synthesis and replenishing glycogen levels lost during training.


Why not give it a try? Check out the recipe for this delicious Cauliflower pizza topped with chicken, artichokes & basil. Or try one of our 5 favourite post-workout recipes that you can make easily at home. All contain the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats to help you recover following a hard training session.

Mindful Chef

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